The Search for ultimate listening pleasure

At Zellerberg, we love listening to music! Be it the shivers down ones spine to the voice of Ella Fitzgerald to the creeping cold intro of Michael Jackson’s Thriller to the mind boggling rhythms and sounds of  Jacob Collier, we seek not just perfection in the reproduction of sound, but more importantly the emotions within! 

Zellerberg Cables

Nearly 5 years after we received our first batch of custom-made copper, we are proud to share the fruits of our labor. After debating on the naming for quite some time, after the first listen it was quite clear: They would be called REALIST.

XLR Cables

 Lenghts between .6 and 2m. Available soon.

RCA Cables

Lenghts between .6 and 2m. Available soon.

Speaker Cables

More to come...

Anouncing Killimanjaro mono power amplifier

What began as a DIY-amp gradually received new love and upgrades. New power supply, better connections, new circuit, better cabling, yet another power supply… What we ended up with boasts dual power transformers, rectifier boards, chokes and 33mF+0,4F filtering capacity (360W version) for pre- and power stage power supply units alone. After having tried and lived with countless vendors, we began to have the internal cabling along the signal path cast in a foundry according to our designs. It is the same material our Interconnects are now made of.  

Technical Specifications
Power Output 360W (700W version in the making)
Speaker Impedance 2 Ohms minimum
Gain 28.4dB
Frequency Response (0-20kHz) 0, -0.07dB
Damping Factor (20-20kHz, 10W, 8 Ohms) >440
Total Harmonic Distortion (20-20kHz, 8 Ohms) <0.03%
Input Resistance 10k Ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 x 210 x 400mm
Weight 35kg

Enough talking! Do you want to hear for yourself?

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